So it begins

Right now I'm reading quite a few books (The human,the marsian,information,freedom and my most recent acquisition: the ables)
Because I can't decide what to read first I decided to read the first chapter of every one of those books and decide afterwards. The ables, being the last book I got/bought, was the last I started reading and so I want to thank Jeremy Scott, because this half assed project he threw out into the world made me realise what I really want to write about. I want to write about ALL things I care about. Be it computers,movies,music,games or books! Fuck this shit.

I mean he probably cared about that book, I think I can read the book and kind of feel that he cared about it. But in the end the only thing I get when I read this his book is pure anger.
Having someone (if not himself) proof read a book is the minimum amount of work and care I expect and this wasn't proof read and if it was I would sue the one who did. But let me begin where everything should begin... at the beginning ... duh that's one thing Watson had to learn.
When I got the book the first thing I noticed where the donkey ears (I actually might have to correct that translation later) and the all around kind of poor quality of the book. It seems to be his first book, he didn't produce it himself and it wasn't that expensive so I immediately crossed that point off of my list and ignored it, because who really cares about this shit, right? As long as the book is good.
So I started reading and wanted to give the book a fair chance, the main character is a 12 year old so it could go horribly wrong, knowing that kids think and act in ways I can't comprehend or just hate and having a grown up write what a kid thinks can only make it worse (all movies and series concur with me, even when the acting of a kid isn't that horrible the lines it has to say will ruin it for it)
So I began reading and got to the point where I thought oh so this is a harry potter copy, with disabled kids... could be fun.
When I got stuck the first time, because I felt a word was missing (a had "you've that phone since you were five" just sounded wrong to me I wanted it to be "you've had that phone...") but after rereading and rethinking it for a few times I realised that you could easily skip it (even thought it sounds wrong to me). Reading on I stumbled again because a "..." was actually split with a new line and it became "..\n.". Hyphenation.... something the poor guy couldn't control. Version 2 of the book will have that fixed for sure, he should have proof read the printed version. Not his fault. Moving on!
So continuing on reading... I stumbled again... and again... and again and again. Missing words, switched letters or just unfortunate choices of words were occurring wherever I looked. At first there were few, but soon they seemed to be on every page.
Don't get me wrong, the book itself isn't badly written per se. The characters are not (yet) unlikeable, and the idea behind the book, I could really like. But being unable to actually read the book without getting angry or irritated really makes it hard to consume in anyway. How should I enjoy a book when I can't read it without getting angry?
Oh and I forgot to mention the offentsichtlichen flaws in logic. Our protaahgoonist, who is blind, can describe things he can't know. What people did, what he couldn't see, what color things have and much more. This annoying brat (I still could like him let's see how he evolves) could have heard others describe what he describes, but the amount of this flaws is just overwhelming. Also there are many other logical flaws of different natures like "how the hell could the ability of his grandpa be that legendary?it really sucks if you think about it", "why does the father describe what is about to happen so vague?because a misunderstanding can only arise if he keeps being this vague, to not say wrong about it", why the fuck does a blind kid have a smartphone with games on it it can't fucking use??,how the hell can they (they being the superheroes) be so advanced in some fields and so far back in others?,who regulates this shit?a whole city of superheroes?I mean come on they are superheroes not wizards,so no one can move into this city unless they know superheroes exist?how the fuck do so many people know?you can fucking read out what super power someone will get from the dna but can't correct a genetic defect?there is no superhero with healing abilities or does he/she just not care/ is healing everybody all the time?as if every fucking 12 year old could hold back like this and NOT use their frigging power!yeah sure discipline... how the fuck did the mother knew to appear all of a sudden?the father knows telekinesis not telepathy!!! Braille comics? oh and the sentence about the extra markers in the dna they don't know about ... you know how much is known about the dna and how much isn't?if you superhero genies knew so much as to find unexplained markers you would have far less problems! and the thing that follows from it means basically NOTHING "your powers could be far greater than normal ones, or more limited, but in most cases it doesn't mean shit and you are just average" (I mean COME ON, tell him that having the same ability as the father is something special and that the kids that are in this situation are special and then saying that mostly nothing happens if that happens is bullshit), it seems like they want to be hidden but the mother teleports to new york city in the main fucking park FUCK THIS SHIT SHE HAS BEEN SPOTTED AND IF SHE WASN'T IT WAS WAY MORE THAN PURE FUCKING LUCK! DON'T RISK SHIT JUST BECAUSE!
So yes I was correct... it was more than luck. It gets explained later on.
.... But all in all I really like the book and am looking forward to reading it since I love the idea of a book being written from the perspective of a blind child. Only relying on sound and smell to a describe a world that is missing fundamental things like color and size. Not knowing how big things are and what lies out there ... out of your reach is an intriguing idea.
Sadly he didn't use the opportunity to release this book as an ebook, audiobook or braille book, even thought the main character is blind. Too bad.

I finished the books a week or so after I wrote this text and wanted to actually make a video (Everything wrong with "The Ables"), but couldn't find the time.
Since I wrote this months ago and didn't publish it yet I today thought better late then never and will submit it now.